Video: ETT President Joy Lachica Highlights Need for Equity and Clarity as Teachers Begin Remote Learning Activities

Today, on April 6, “we’re engaging our students in remote learning activities to keep them buoyant, positive, and growing in the midst of this incredible time in this daunting global emergency,” says ETT President Joy Lachica.
“Thank you for your continued commitment and community outreach. You have been so stalwart and courageous to move through this with all of the positivity you have.”

Watch the Video

In the video, Joy provides key information to members on the following important topics as they pertain to remote learning activities:
Equity and Workload

  • Clear, consistent messaging from the Board regarding equity and workload is vital as we support the students in our care.
  • We have been in continuous conversation with the TDSB regarding this issue, and we are anticipating more communication to all members on this matter shortly.

Report Cards

  • Nothing after March 13 is required to be in the Term 2 Report Card.
  • However, the Ministry of Education has also stated in its recent memorandum that it is encouraging teachers to “include evidence of learning completed during the school closure period in their determination of final grades.” The Ministry will be providing more information about this shortly.
  • Download the Ministry of Education Memorandum on Report Cards [PDF]

Video Streaming

  • To ensure the privacy and safety of members, and the students in their care, we are advising members not to engage in any live streaming.

Questions and Concerns

  • If you have any questions or specific needs (technology or otherwise), the Board has informed us that all of these kinds of inquiries should be directed to your administrator.
  • If you are having issues, or are being asked to do anything that is unreasonable, please contact your Executive Officer.

“I wish you well today, and for the week,” says ETT President Joy Lachica. “Thank you for your engagement with your students and your engagement with ETT.”

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