ETT Executives

Table Officers

Jennifer Brown, President

416-393-9930 x231

Jamie Thom, Vice President

416-393-9930 x249

Doris Duni, Secretary/Treasurer

416-393-9930 x235

Executive Officers

Yolanda B'Dacy, Executive Officer
Ward 2
Ward 4

416 393 9930 x240

Nigel Barriffe, Executive Officer
Ward 3
Ward 15

416-393-9930 x227

Amber Bowen, Executive Officer
Ward 18
Ward 22

416-393-9930 x228

Kwabena Frimpong, Executive Officer
Ward 1
Ward 11

416-393-9930 x223

Roz Geridis, Executive Officer
Ward 8
Ward 20

416-393-9930 x226

Joy Lachica, Executive Officer
Ward 9
Ward 10

416-393-9930 x224

Terri Lynn Platt, Executive Officer
Ward 14
Ward 17

416-393-9930 x238

Natasha Rodriguez-Burford, Executive Officer
Ward 5
Ward 12

416-393-9930 x230

Felicia Samuel, Executive Officer
Ward 6
Ward 13

416-393-9930 x222

Colin Strange, Executive Officer
Ward 19
Ward 21

416-393-9930 x236

Helen Victoros, Executive Officer
Ward 7
Ward 16

416-393-9930 x225

The ETT Executive is comprised of 14 elected representatives: three Table Officers and 11 Executive Officers

The role of the Executive is to provide support to enhance members' working lives; protect and defend collective bargaining rights and public education; and promote ETT's governing principles of equity, non-violence, and social justice. Executive members are elected for two-year terms.

Each Executive Officer serves the membership as the lead contact for one or more of the TDSB's 22 Wards. Executives also serve as liaison to one or more of ETT's 18 Standing Committees.

Centrally Assigned members, including Special Education consultants and coordinators; Learnging, Literacy, and Early Years coaches; Itinerant teachers; Outdoor Education teachers; and Section 23 teachers, are supported by the ETT Table Team