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ETT Collective Bargaining Updates

Welcome to the Local Collective Bargaining Updates. Visit frequently for the latest news. ETT Collective Bargaining Update 1  

Prep Payback Tracking

The ETT executive has been made aware of several schools where preparation time has not been provided due to staffing shortages and a failure to

Know your rights and how to enforce

ETT Members, did you know your Principal has to consult with you in September on your school budget, school professional development plans, report card deadlines,

Collective Bargaining

As you know, our Collective Agreement expires on August 31. Both ETFO and ETT have begun the process of working towards a new Collective Agreement.

COVID-19 FAQ #9—2021–2022

In this COVID-19 FAQ, you will find information on: health and safety, remote learning, virtual classroom expectations, assessment and reporting, health and safety expectations, and

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