New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)

The Pre-Observation Meeting will occur approximately 10 to 15 school days from the setting date.

The Classroom Observation will occur approximately 1 to 5 school days from the Pre-Observation Meeting.

The Post-Observation will occur approximately 1 to 5 school days from the Classroom Observation.

The Summative Report is provided within 20 school days from the Classroom Observation.


It is the expectation of the Union and the Board that the New Teacher Induction Program, NTIP, will foster collaboration and relationships based on sharing, trust and support.

Requirements and Timelines

The first appraisal should occur before December. The second appraisal will occur before the end of the first week in June.

The Process

Every New Teacher to the profession will be appraised twice in their first twelve months of teaching. A New Teacher will have a maximum of 24 months to complete two satisfactory appraisals.

Setting the Date

Establish timelines with your administrator, so that the process will not exceed 20 school days from the date of the observation to receipt of the Summative Report Tips!

  1. Be proactive in every step of the performance appraisal.
  2. Review all ETT and Board documents carefully to determine the requirements for each step.
  3. Be familiar with the forms and the process. Anticipate questions that will be asked of you by your evaluator.
  4. Take time to gather evidence that will assist in demonstrating the required 8 competencies.
  5. Be prepared to have a professional dialogue with your evaluator.
  6. Know what standards of performance are expected of you. Know your rights!
  7. Keep track of all dates and meetings related to the process.
  8. Check the ETT and ETFO websites for Professional Development opportunities.
  9. Seek a mentor if one is not provided for you.
  10. Contact your Executive Officer with any questions about the process or your overall rating.

TDSB Log of Teaching Practice for New Teachers - Appendix F
TDSB Log of Teaching Practice for New Teachers - Appendix F

A log of teaching practice for new teachers.

TDSB NTIP Strategy Form
TDSB NTIP Strategy Form

The Individual NTIP Strategy form is intended to serve as a vehicle for discussion and learning,...

NTIP At A Glance
NTIP At A Glance

The following chart forms part of the TDSB NTIP TPA Manual.


The New Teacher Induction Program manual.

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