ETT President Joy Lachica Speaks to CP24 About ETFO Strike Action to Defend Public Education

With ETFO’s Phase 3 Work-to-Rule strike action commencing January 13, 2020, ETT President Joy Lachica spoke with CP24 about why it is essential that elementary educators take action in defence of our shared public education system.
“For the last six months we have been waiting for this government to make commitments to proposals we know are essential to preserving our public education system,” said ETT President Joy Lachica. “We need the supports and resources in the classroom to make sure that our students have the learning environment they need.”
“The reason we are at this place now, in terms of escalating our job action, is that there has been zero movement,” said Lachica. “This is deeply concerning and our parents understand that this government is misrepresenting what this is about. This is not about compensation. This is not about wages. We will not stand for another $150 million to be cut from education, as it’s our students and our must vulnerable that suffer from these cuts.”
“This is for the future of public education in Ontario,” said Lachica.

Watch ETT President Joy Lachica on CP24

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