Send a Message to Your TDSB Trustee to Demand a Safe September For All

Earlier today the heads of Toronto Education Workers, Elementary Teachers of Toronto, and the OSSTF Toronto met to discuss the TDSB’s plan for reopening schools.
At the meeting, we penned an open letter to all TDSB Trustees and to Interim Director Carlene Jackson to tell the Board that we stand together in our demand for a better plan for school reopening.
Now, we need YOUR voice.
While the provincial government has ultimate responsibility for the full funding of a safe return to school plan, the TDSB can be a strong voice on the inadequacies of the funding it has so far received by passing a budget that fully funds the measures needed to make schools safer, or at a minimum, refusing to endorse the TDSB’s current plan for school reopening.
Either way it would send a powerful message that the Ford government must provide the additional funding that is required to keep all of us safe at school.
As the Board will be voting on its budget tomorrow (August 6), as well as on the school reopening plan, it is critical that you send your message today using the ETFO Building Better Schools website.

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