Message From ETT Chief Negotiator: Local Bargaining Update

Throughout the summer, your local ETT Negotiations Team met with the TDSB to continue Local Bargaining.
We are at the point now where we’ve presented the majority of the proposals you voted on last year, to improve your working conditions and students’ learning conditions.
Our next set of meetings with the Board will commence September 14, 2020, and we have several dates through September and the beginning of October.
These next few meetings with the Board will indicate if there is enough movement on their side for a deal that includes the significant issues you identified and that we are committed to fight for.
Your Negotiations Team is fully committed to achieving movement on the critical issues that are important to you and your colleagues.
We have received many questions from members about the 1% increase from the Central Agreement. Please note that once there is a tentative Local Agreement, and you ratify our new Collective Agreement, you will receive the 1% increase from 2019 and this year.
Helen Victoros
ETT Chief Negotiator

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