Member Expense Forms for October 17

Instructions for ETT Members

Please click here to download the Expense forms as a fillable PDF. Read through the forms, fill out the appropriate sections, and add your signature where applicable.

Please Note:

  • Please submit the form as soon as possible. The final deadline to receive forms is Friday, October 27.
  • You may claim mileage at $0.61 per km. This is above and beyond your daily commute. If you are coming directly from work/school, then you may record the distance travelled from work to Meridian Hall plus the distance from Meridian Hall to home, minus the distance from work to home.
    • Distance from Work to Meridian Hall + Distance from Meridian Hall to Home – Distance from Work to Home
  • Parking – You will need to obtain a receipt which will be sent in with the form and simply record the amount on the page.
  • TTC – if you travelled by TTC, then you may claim the fare ($3.25 per trip — $6.50 in total)
  • Dependent care – the form needs to be filled out and signed by the caregiver in lieu of a receipt.
  • Receipts are required for costs above $10.
  • Please email completed, signed forms and receipts to the Treasurer at


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