ETT Takes Strike Action. 11,000 Members Strong!

Monday was amazing. YOU were amazing.
The solidarity and determination shown by our Regional Organizers, Stewards, and rank-and-file members on January 20, as we unleashed our full collective power on the picket line with the support from our parents, families, and communities was awe-inspiring.
This was not an action we wanted to take.
We’re teachers. We’re professionals. We take immense pride in the important work that we do. We want to be in the classroom. We want to be with our students, encouraging and facilitating learning and discovery.
But with the future of our shared public education system and our profession at stake, we had to take action, and we will continue to take action.
The Ford government continues to demand cuts at the Central Bargaining Table, while refusing to address critical issues such as protecting our world class Kindergarten model, providing staffing supports for Special Education, addressing violence in schools, and so many other essentials for students, parents, and teachers.
This government, with its disdain and disregard for our students and our public education system has led us to this point.
Together, through our strike action and work-to-rule, our organizing, and our outreach to parents and the community, we will continue to send a clear message to the Ford government that we will not relent in our fight for the schools our students deserve.
Already we’re having a tremendous impact. As recent headlines have shown, the Ford government’s front is deteriorating rapidly. The Ontario Progressive Conservatives are plummeting in popularity and parents are not buying the propaganda and bribery.
Our escalated action has taken root, we hold the power and our voices, our truth is resonating widely.
– In Solidarity
ETT President
Joy Lachica
Featured image courtesy of Ian Lawrence (website), ETFO Toronto Occasional Teacher member.

Photos From Our Strike Action at Doug Ford’s Constituency Office

ETT Takes Action at Doug Ford's Constituency Office

Member Photos and Tweets From the Picket Line

Thank you to all our members for the overwhelming number of photos tweeted and sent to us. We’ve tried to amplify as many of your messages as we can, but there were just so many (great work!) and we’re still in the process of collecting them.
Visit our Twitter page to see more phenomenal strike action photos.

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