ETFO Reaches Tentative Teacher/Occasional Teacher and Education Worker Central Agreements

Tentative central agreements have been reached between ETFO, the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, the Council of Trustees’ Associations, and the government at the Teacher/Occasional Teacher and Education Worker Central Bargaining Tables.
Local presidents and chief negotiators will be reviewing the terms of the tentative central agreements during a telephone town hall meeting on Wednesday, March 25.
Tentative central agreement information and a ratification timeline will be provided to members in a Collective Bargaining eNewsletter following the meeting of local presidents and chief negotiators on Wednesday, March 25. The ratification timeline will also be posted on ETFO’s Collective Bargaining website.
ETFO will be issuing a media release about the tentative central agreements later today. ETFO will also be sending a text message from President Hammond on Saturday, March 21, confirming that tentative central agreements have been reached.
As a result of reaching tentative central agreements ETFO is advising members to suspend strike action immediately, pending the results of central ratification votes.

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