ETFO: Protection from COVID-19 – Recommendations and Information

The following recommendations and information regarding COVID-19 from ETFO’s dedicated COVID-19 webpage have been edited for ETT members. Updates will be made as necessary.
The TDSB takes direction from Toronto Public Health on what steps to take to protect staff and students from new and emerging viruses, such as COVID-19 and influenza outbreaks.
Members are advised to check the TDSB’s internal communications for recent updates from Toronto Public Health, which may speak to how they will be advised on such things as whether to self-quarantine and if additional cleaning protocols are necessary.
To prevent transmission, the TDSB should be providing reminders on practicing proper hygiene techniques, staying home from work if you are sick, and ensuring soap and paper towels are available at sinks for handwashing.
If you have concerns related to the Board’s response to COVID-19 and influenza, speak to your principal and, if your concerns persist, contact your ETT Executive Officer or ETT Health & Safety Inspector.

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Routine Practices and Key Information

Avoiding contact with people who carry infection can be a real challenge in an elementary school. Routine practices are essential for preventing and controlling infection. For example:

  • Hand hygiene that includes washing at a sink with soap and paper towels and access to hand sanitizers
  • Protective gloves – and the training for proper use – for staff who could come into contact with blood or body fluids
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette such as the use and disposal of paper tissue; coughing or sneezing into the elbow
  • Adequate custodial staffing and  procedures to properly clean high touch surfaces including washrooms, door knobs and shared equipment

In addition, people who are too sick to be at school should stay at home until they are well again. Report any concerns about infection prevention and control to your principal. It’s the principal’s job to investigate and deal with your report. Tell your steward and your ETT Health & Safety Inspector about your concerns.
Get in touch with your ETT Executive Officer for more support.
Infection prevention and control can help to reduce sick days!

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