ETFO Central Bargaining Bulletin #17 – February 4, 2020

Please see ETFO Central Bargaining Bulletin #17 for a detailed account from ETFO of what transpired at the Central Bargaining table from Wednesday, January 29 to Friday, January 31, 2020.
Specifically, ETFO reports that on Friday evening an agreement appeared to be within reach until the government’s bargaining team inexplicably revised some of its positions and presented what they knew to be unacceptable offers on three key issues:

  • priority funding/special education funding;
  • fair hiring practices (i.e., Regulation 274); and
  • funding for benefits.

ETFO reports that the government was now demanding cuts and concessions before entering into any agreement with ETFO.
Please access ETFO Central Bargaining Bulletin #17 for a complete and detailed account.

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