Elementary Concerns Committee Call Out

Dear ETT Members,

Your Union meets with the TDSB each month to discuss issues, problems, and questions that come to us, from you.

The types of issues, as spelled out in your Collective Agreement, (L-D.8.0) include: staffing matters, working conditions, any new Board or Ministry initiatives, policies and procedures or new Board created Teacher positions.  In essence, broader ward-wide or board-wide issues, trends, problems, etc.

Issues related to specific individuals are not discussed at the Elementary Concerns Committee.

To put your issue forward, please complete the following survey questionnaire. Items that can’t be brought forward for this meeting can still be brought forward at subsequent ECC meetings.

Complete the Survey

Your name/contact information will be kept strictly confidential – not shared with the Board.

We cannot guarantee that all the issues you send us will be raised at ECC (e.g. because of agenda time constraints) but we will do our best, and report back out following the ECC meeting.

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