Video Update From ETT President Jennifer Brown – Go RedForEd on March 18

“March 13 marks one year since schools had to close due to COVID-19,” says ETT President Jennifer Brown in her latest video address.

“It’s time for action. The Ford government’s pandemic response is inadequate and has put teachers, education workers, and students at risk.”

“ETT members are encouraged to wear #RedForEd on March 18, 2021. The Ford government is in need of a reminder that teachers are united in opposition to his government’s handling of public education throughout the pandemic.”

Go RedForEd on March 18

Wear red on March 18 and take a photo of yourself with a home-made sign to identify an issue in your teaching effected by COVID-19.

Issues can include:

  • Large Class Sizes (“There are too many kids in my class, we cannot practice social distancing.”)
  • School Repairs and Poor Ventilation (“COVID-19 is airborne. My classroom windows don’t open.”)
  • Comprehensive Asymptomatic Testing (“Asymptomatic Testing? What asymptomatic testing?”)
  • Lack of Affordable Internet for Online Teachers (“Sorry for the poor internet connection, my bandwidth can’t handle it.”)
  • Lack of Digital Resources for Online Teachers (“When can I expect Ford to ‘spare no expense’ to support virtual schools?”)

Tweet or post your photo on Facebook. Be sure to tag us and use the following hashtags.

If you do not have Twitter or Facebook, or feel uncomfortable using your private account, please email your photo to by March 19, 2021.

ETT will use the photos submitted to make a compilation collage to send a message to the Ford government that enough is enough.

Watch the Video

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