Video Update From ETT President Jennifer Brown – February 5, 2021

In her video address for the week of February 5, 2021, ETT President Jennifer Brown discusses the pending return to in-person learning, the Board’s February pivot, staffing, simultaneous teaching, and ETFO’s upcoming telephone town hall on February 8.

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No New Enhancements to Safety Protocols

With the return from remote teaching looming, the TDSB has not reported any enhancements to its safety protocols. ETT will continue to demand that the Board and Toronto Public Health act to ensure your health and safety and that of the students in your care.

Provincial Funding

ETT is in the process of requesting that the Board disclose where it is spending the provincial funding designated to address COVID-19.

February Pivot

ETT is meeting with the Board to ensure that the February pivot process aligns with the provisions in our Collective Agreement regarding seniority and the consultation process in the event an assignment is changed.

Staffing Process

ETT has received anecdotal reports of principals getting ahead of themselves in the staffing process. The Board says that no direction has been provided to principals from Employee Services regarding the staffing process.

Simultaneous Teaching Will Not Occur

We have an agreement with the TDSB that simultaneous teaching will NOT occur. This means there will be no face-to-face teaching at the same time that you are teaching remotely. Teaching in more than one modality at a time is NOT permissible.

There may be instances where prep teachers assigned to a school may be required to teach face-to-face for one class and then teach remotely for another class. This is permissible as it would only be one modality at a time.

ETFO Telephone Town Hall – February 8

To engage members and hear about their concerns and experiences, ETFO is conducting a 1-hour telephone town hall with President Sam Hammond for ETT members on Monday, February 8, 2021, from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Members will receive a telephone call inviting them to participate in the town hall just prior to 5:00 p.m.

Not receiving calls from ETFO? Update your contact information via the ETFO website.

See the ETFO website for additional town hall details.

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