Video Update From ETT President Jennifer Brown – February 26, 2021

In her video address for the week of February 26, 2021, ETT President Jennifer Brown discusses our union’s ongoing campaign to ensure safe working conditions, her call in the Toronto Star for the TDSB to reduce teacher workload, and the importance of recognizing Black Mental Health Day on March 1.

Weekly Strategic Meetings

“Your ETT Executive continues to meet regularly to engage in weekly strategic sessions, actively planning ways to ramp up the fight to ensure a safe working environment for you,” says Brown.

With the help of our ETT Staff Organizer, we are taking action to:

  • strengthen our ties with our allies (especially parents);
  • turn up the heat on the Ford government; and
  • engage, organize, and fight for the issues of concern you have brought to us.

The TDSB Must Reduce Teacher Workload

In an article this week in the Toronto Star regarding the results of the TDSB’s Board-wide survey, ETT President Jennifer Brown is quoted calling on the TDSB to reduce teacher workload.

“The survey demonstrates that even during a pandemic teachers rise above the immense odds and make the system work,” says Brown. “I call on the TDSB to reward you for your tireless commitment and professionalism to your students, your practice, and public education.”

Black Mental Health Day

Monday, March 1, 2021 is Black Mental Health Day.

“With more than 400 years of oppression and continued evidence of anti-Black racism, we need to address the impact of systemic racism and its effects on the mental health of Black people,” says Brown.

“As the first Black president of the Elementary Teachers of Toronto, I, and the rest of the ETT Executive, encourage all members to reflect on the harmful effects of racism and its impact on mental health in Black communities. There need to be ongoing discussions with actions to effect and impact change, and the steps everyone must take.”

Watch the Video

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