Video Update From ETT President Jennifer Brown – April 9, 2021

In her video address for the week of April 9, 2021, ETT President Jennifer Brown:

  • highlights the high-impact advertising campaign launched with our education affiliates to realize safer schools and a plan that supports our shared public education system;
  • discusses the news regarding the eligibility of educators in hot spots and special education classrooms to receive vaccinations; and
  • says farewell and thank you to Communications Manager Stephen Michalowicz.

“As we head into the long awaited and anticipated spring break, do all you can to take time for you,” says ETT President Jennifer Brown. “You have remained steadfast through it all and triumphed against the most adverse working conditions possible. You have earned this break in triplicate. Enjoy it.”

ETT Takes Action to Protect Our Students and Educators

“In collaboration with our education affiliates, a full-page ad will appear in Horizon Travel and Lifestyle magazine, which is delivered to 100,000 Toronto Star subscribers,” says Brown. “Our high-impact advertisement will also appear in 45 downtown commercial elevators, as well as in a huge wraparound billboard at Dundas Square for the week ending April 11.”

“On Monday, April 12, you will find a full-page ad in the Toronto Star from your ETT Executive talking about a plan for post-pandemic public education support for parents, teachers, and students to achieve safer schools.”

Watch the Video

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