Video: ETT President Joy Lachica Reflects on Ministry Decision to Extend School Closures, Highlights Important Resources, Discusses ETFO Tentative Agreement Vote

“As we enter week four, we thank you, and, as members, we thank our Stewards, who have been working so hard to rally everyone and to create an environment that is equitable and fair as we work with our administrators to deliver remote learning activities to our students,” says ETT President Joy Lachica.
“This is not business as usual,” continues Joy. “As such, ETT is making forceful demands and setting clear boundaries about what remote learning should look like. The Board’s communication with administrators must be consistent and continuous, so that there can be consistency in our schools and amongst our members, specifically as it pertains to meetings, accessibility, family-status issues, and privacy.”
“Thank you for your responsiveness to students and to each other as we work together in this collaborative effort for all of our children,” concludes Joy. “We are a village and we can only do this together.”

Watch the Video

In her video address for Monday, April 27, 2020, ETT President Joy Lachica:

  • reflects on the Ministry of Education’s decision to extend school closures to May 31 and discusses the need for more clarity, especially regarding report cards;
  • thanks ETT members and highlights the work of ETT Stewards during these difficult circumstances;
  • encourages ETT members to read ETFO PRS Matters Bulletin 108, which specifically pertains to COVID-19 and remote learning activities;
  • informs members that we will be developing an ETT-specific FAQ based on members’ responses to our Remote Teaching Check-In Survey;
  • discusses the ETFO Tentative Central Agreement vote and encourages members to cast their vote (voting closes today at 7:00 p.m.);
  • and more.

Reporting PA Day – June 5, 2020

The Minster of Education’s statement that the remaining PA Days in the school year will be replaced with instructional time is in violation of our Collective Agreement, Article D.20.1, which provides for two PA Days for the purposes of assessment and completion of report cards.
For the current school year calendar, the PA Day in question is June 5, 2020.
Although the Minister’s comment was made at a provincial level, this is a non-negotiable, protected provision of our local agreement.
We currently addressing this matter with the Ministry and the Board.

ETFO PRS Matters Bulletin 108

Please see ETFO PRS Bulletin 108 for important information pertaining to:

  • distance learning tips;
  • supporting students with special needs;
  • professionalism and social media;
  • members’ duty to report;
  • tutoring and conflict of interest;
  • wellness during COVID-19;
  • WSIB coverage while working at home;
  • and more.

Access ETFO PRS Matters Bulletin 108

ETFO Tentative Central Agreement Vote

Voting ends today (April 27) at 7:00 p.m.
The Online Voting Site can only be accessed during the online voting period.
In order to enter your Online Voting Site and participate in the vote, you will need to provide your ETFO ID Number and last name. Your ETFO ID number is located on your ETFO card (i.e., the white card with the red apple).
Voting results will be announced on Tuesday, April 28, 2020.
Access the online voting site at
Need help voting? Call the voter help centre at 1-866-621-5606.
Have questions about the Tentative Central Agreement or about the voting process? Contact ETFO CB.

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