TDSB Employee’s Report of Accident/Injury Form

Submit a copy of this form to your Principal if you have experienced an injury or accident at the work site and fax the completed form immediately to the Health and Welfare Department at the TDSB: (416) 393-8533.

It is recommended that this form be submitted even if there is no immediate/visible sign of injury – the effects of an accident/injury may take time to appear.

Include on the form if you are seeking medical attention; this results in the Board sending the WSIB Form 6 to fill out and the rest of the WSIB package, including the employer’s Form 7 (*note: if the form doesn’t state that medical attention was sought, you will not receive this package).

If medical attention is sought a few days following the injury/accident, and wasn’t included on the original ERA, revise the ERA and resubmit as soon as possible.

If the injury is due to a violent incident, also complete the Employee’s Report of a Workplace Violent Incident (ERWVI).

You must tell the doctor upon seeking medical attention that the injury occurred at work (ensure the doctor fills out a WSIB form 8 when she/he hears this).

The Principal fills out the Supervisor’s Accident/Incident Investigation Report (SAIR) and submits to the Health and Safety Office within 2 business days.

Any questions to the Board about this form can be directed to the Health and Welfare Department of the TDSB at (416) 397-3325

If you have any questions about this form, please contact your Executive Officer or the appropriate ETT Health and Safety Inspector.

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TDSB Employee's Report of Accident/Injury Form (Link)