Strike and Retirement Information and Summer Pay Impact

To assist members inquiring about pay concerns, the following information from the Strike Pay Deductions and FAQs has been reposted below. This information was originally posted on March 2, 2020.

Stirke and Retirement Information

I work full-time/part-time, how will the strike affect my pension?
If you are a Contact Teacher or Long-Term Occasional (LTO) Teacher, for the purposes of your pension, a strike day counts as a work day, as your time away from work remains pensionable.
Your employer will report a loss of salary, but not your absence. This means you will continue to receive credit in proportion to what you would have otherwise worked.
If the strike negatively affects your average best five years, and you supported the strike, ETFO will provide the necessary top-up.

Summer Pay Impact

When any day is taken/processed as “unpaid” there are two impacts:

  • An immediate impact on the pay period in which it is first processed.
  • A second impact on banked earnings used to pay out during the non-working period (normally the summer period).

Strike days reduce the accumulated banked earnings available for the summer period.
The unpaid day reduces the amount available on the final pay-out of the school year which is normally the second pay in August.  The second pay in August becomes reduced, once the total reduction equals the regular gross for the second pay in August, that pay becomes nil, then any additional unpaid days would then reduce the first pay in August, and so on.
The rule of thumb for the reduction in pay for August is 0.13% of the annual salary for each unpaid day.
Example: One strike day for a Teacher at $100,034.00 per annum on the salary grid.
Their gross pay for the second pay in August would be reduced by approximately $130.90, which is 0.13% (or a multiplication factor of .0013) of their salary ($100,034.00).
Their regular bi-weekly pay, when the strike day is initially processed, would be reduced by 1/10 of 1/26 of their annual salary ($100,034.00), or $384.74.

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