Sign Up Form: 10 Reasons to Vote YES on October 17

If you have been selected to contribute to this project, please complete the form below. Be sure to review the instructions prior to filming your video clip.


  • Please only select and say one line from the Top 10 List of Reasons below.
  • Film yourself speaking the line using your smartphone in portrait (vertical) orientation
  • Wear your Red for Ed shirt. If you don’t have a Red for Ed shirt, a regular red shirt will work too
  • Find a background that will give the best presentation of you (i.e. good lighting, no noise or distractions, etc.)
  • Once you have recorded your video clip, please click here to email it to ETT Communications staff. You can also upload the file to this Google Drive folder (sign-in to Google required)


Each Member must select only one of the following lines to record:

  • A strong Yes is the key source of bargaining power. Without it, the other side has no reason to seriously negotiate any of the issues you desperately want improved.
  • Despite more than a year of bargaining, this Government hasn’t budged. Seeing all of us stepping it up in massive numbers pressures them to move.
  • We’re living every day with the impact of an underfunded, under-resourced status quo and it’s not fair
  • My students and I deserve and need so much better
  • I want to stop hybrid; strips to our sick leave, health benefits and professional judgment; 4 more years of below inflation paltry 1.25% wage increases
  • After years of trying to make it work with less and less, Enough is Enough!
  • Now is our time to collectively fight!


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