Petition: TDSB Virtual School Students and Teachers Deserve Better

November 4, 2020

Petition: TDSB Virtual School Students and Teachers Deserve Better

On Thursday, October 29, 2020, hundreds of parents and teachers in TDSB Virtual School French programs received emails from the TDSB that within two working days the Board would make significant changes to teachers’ assignments and students’ classrooms in Virtual School French Immersion and Extended French programs.

These changes:

  • take teachers away from students with whom they have already built and established a classroom community since the beginning of the school year;
  • doubles class sizes for teachers, meaning less personalized one-to-one contact with students; and
  • reduces the number of French minutes for students in some grades.

This shift comes immediately in the wake of the TDSB’s disruptive decision to assign Virtual School Core French Teachers to simultaneously teach synchronously and asynchronously, doubling their workload and creating a dangerous precedent for all teachers and the students with whom they work.

While we understand the TDSB’s rationale, that it has had ongoing difficulties staffing French Immersion, Extended French, and Core French programs in Virtual School, the TDSB’s solution is:

  • disrespectful to teachers, as its being implemented without proper consultation;
  • harmful in that in disrupt students’ social and emotional security by taking them away from their teacher; and
  • creating stress and anxiety for students, parents, and teachers alike.

This issue is one of many negatively impacting student success in the TDSB’s Virtual School program. These concerns, which also must be addressed, include:

  • lack of Special Education support;
  • no Designated Early Childhood Educators (DECEs) in Virtual School Kindergarten programs;
  • insufficient technology, tech support, and resources to meet program delivery needs;
  • no classroom budgets;
  • no preparation subject providers;
  • last minute Board communications; and
  • massive class sizes.

We the undersigned therefore demand:

  1. That the TDSB immediately pause the planned changes to Virtual School French programs announced on Thursday, October 29, 2020, and communicate to parents as well as ETT members that it is pausing the announced changes in Virtual School French Immersion/Extended French programs, so that meaningful consultation can occur and an agreed upon and a viable plan can be implemented.
  2. That teachers who lost access to their original Brightspace shall be immediately reinstated.
  3. That the TDSB immediately contact ETT to set up a meeting to create a meaningful consultation process with the Union and Virtual School teachers to create a more viable Virtual School plan, which will include addressing the necessary supports, resources, and timeframes for the successful implementation of Virtual School.

Our students and teachers in Virtual School deserve no less. We look forward to hearing a response from the TDSB.

List of Signatures

Jennifer Brown - ETT President
Jamie Thom - ETT Vice President
Doris Duni - ETT Secretary/Treasurer
Yolanda B'Dacy - ETT Executive Officer
Nigel Barriffe - ETT Executive Officer
Amber Bowen - ETT Executive Officer
Kwabena Frimpong - ETT Executive Officer
Roz Geridis - ETT Executive Officer
Joy Lachica - ETT Executive Officer
Terri Lynn Platt - ETT Executive Officer
Natasha Rodriguez-Burford - ETT Executive Officer
Felicia Samuel - ETT Executive Officer
Colin Strange - ETT Executive Officer
Helen Victoros - ETT Executive Officer
Samantha Beaton LC4
Rosemarie Colangelo, LC4
Christina Fiume LC1
Peter Wiens/LC4
Alexandra LC4
Tynesha Hibbert - LC 4
Catherine khemraj LC2
Vanessa Persichilli/ LC2
Jocelyne Pasman LC2
Mary Jennifer Payne LC4
James Boccia/LC4
Joanna Chapman-Smith, LC3
Céline Sokol
Helene Armbrust LC4
Quennie Gomez / LC4
Claudia Lee LC1
Andreya Padmore/ LC4
Kirk McCullough
Salvatore Capoferri/ LC3 
Suk Wu/LC2
Celine Sokol / LC4
Daye Lee/LC 3
Lisa Nave
Melissa Haley, LC4
Zoe Lalonde LC4
Kim Davies. LC 2
Diana Lara Arias, LC1
Keerthana Suthaparan/LC3
John Crunkleton / LC2
Peter Hasek LC2 (Parent) LC4 (Teacher)
Francine Lee/LC 3
Jennifer Tovich /lc3
Pierre Tredille LC4
Julius - LC3
Nicole Gonsalves / LC1
Katia Berdichevsky 
Caroline Wai/LC4
Heather Pun LC2
Jason Pun LC2
Chetana Kulkarni, LC2
Agnes Stunden 
Jessica McLaughlin LC4
Amandeep Panag/ LC4
Shemina Bhimani / LC2
Clover Clarke
Sarah Ramkissoon/ LC 2
Hayden Jones/LC 2
Melissa Haley, LC4
Indra Ramdass/LC 2
Ashley Foxton 
Parfait Ndjouga/ LC4
David DePoe 
Jemila Pirbhai
Michael Mouatt / LC2
Julie Ray LC 2
Michele Nuguid-Sanchez/LC2
Faye Ginies LC4
Samreen Ali
Emily Whitehead /LC 1
Melissa Likely/LC 4
Jennifer Daley / LC 4
Jennie Weller LC4
Velvet Lacasse/ LC4
Clover Rose LC2
Tempie Coelho-Freeman / LC 4
Alanna/ LC1
Adrienne Rigler
Batya Levy / LN24
Marilou Lopes 
Kevin Waechter
Tanya Norman LC4
Nicole Lorenz/ LC4
Tynesha Hibbert - LC 4
Carlee Fossella
Ryan Watts LC2
David Harris LC 2
Karina thompson
Heather Simons LC4
Kim Savage
Meredith Heron
Marta Kopun
Sarah LC4 
Laura MacNeil LC4
Garrry Norman, LC4
Alexandra Stevens
Dakota Randall/LC4 
Elena Copeland, LC 4
Nicole white / LC4
Sharon damianidis 
Stacy Kei/LC4
Brittney W LC4
Sebastian Campos
Kathryn Nelder
Diane Pinto / LC1
Annette Carling 
Suzanne Phillips
Paula Joiner/LC4 
Dee Brar / LC1
Sam Lam LC4
Sandy Choe LC4
Andrew Stoch
Emily anastassiadis 
Christopher Donald, LC4
Sooyeon Ryu/LC2
Anna Gillis LC1
Sole Fernandez LC#4
Damian Fernandez LC#4
Carolyn Pratley
sitara de gagne
robin kemp
willow kemp
suneethi matthews
hunter kemp
Saba Khan
Jessica Graham
Janis Cadieux LC4
Stephenie Hui
Kathy Motton
Jennifer Johal LC4
Bhupinder Johal Lc4
Barry Gibson/ LC 4
Anna Marrello-Gomes, LC2
Donna Moyer LC 4
Catherine Watson
Kim McNulty - Secord Public school 
Inas Ahmed / LC2
Anne McGuire, LC4
Jennifer McKibbin -- LCs 1 and 4
Wesley Jones/2
Caitlin McAllister
Aran Hamilton/ LC4
Karen Jutzi / LC2
Patricia Baranyai
Tee Schneider LC4
Greg Schneider / LC4
Sarah Butler LC4
Glen Matthews
Jayne Maltby / LC4 / Grade 4FIA
Fiona de Ree LC 4
Mona Jean-Gady / LC4
Yoshe Leigh 
Aleya Rashid / LN23
Taslim Mohamed LC4
Rina Torre LC4
Robert Hart
Christopher Gilmore/ LC4
Jeff Vedan
Lisa Martin / LC4
Beth Ward
Devon Maltby / LC4 / Grade 4-FI-A
Aidan Maltby / LC4 / Grade 4-FI-A
Alan Koop/LC4
Christiaan Piller
Ngozi Megwa LC 2
Teri Jones LC 4
Sarah Clinton 1
Miki Boase
Meghan McNamara LC4
Alanna Burtch LC 4
Tara Wannamaker LC4
Nancy Wilbur
Zehra Mohsmmad / LC4 
Hiywot Getu
Godwin Alfred-Guymour LC4
Tiferet Nashman
Anika Juzda LC4
Adrienne Plumley, LC4
Elizabeth Ma/ Central
Andreya Padmore/ LC4
Robin Sewell LC 4
Nikolett Karadi Miller
Sharon Foster lc 4
Laura Hughes LC4
Stephanie Hawkland lc 4
Kelly O'Brien 
Terence Dick
Marjorie Navas lc 4
Sandra Deangelis Mullin lc 4
Michelle Gleason lc 4
Tim Luu lc 4
Heather Bye LC 4
Stephanie Cameron lc 4
Jennifer Kufsky LC 4
Cassandra Metitvier
Claude Zesseu lc 4
Vesna Zoldos
Ashley Bigelow lc 4
Deborah Adelman 
Nicole Kearse/ LC4
Paula Serpa LC4
Emma Gunn/LC4
Cate Posner LC2
Patrick Allcock / LC4
Leslie Anne Giorgio LC 4
Juliet Morris LC 4
Marc Sommerville / 2
Kim Fry LC 4 Virtual
Gillian Novick LC4 
Katharine Dacosta lc 4
Jill Wilson
Taylor Green/ LC4
Matthew Green/ LC4
Joy Reeve
Hiywot Getu
Lielt Teklu
Katharine Davis LC4
Laura Moore-Lloyd / LC4 
Tami Dacks LC4
John Mack lc 4
Nicole Burul LC 4
Paula Quintana LC4 
Roslyn Soane LC4 Grade 2 Virtual
Jeffrey Boase
Miki Boase
Deborah Girvin LC4
Jessica Lee / LC4
Richard Posner LC2
Sarah Smart LC1
Deena Badaloo LC1
Samantha McMaster LC1
Joanne Reilly LC1
Janice Gillmore LC1
Elissa Williams
Lisa Joynt
Moriya Dechtiar LC2 FI (3 kids enrolled) 
Kathleen Schratz LC4
Elena Holeton Piller
Alexandra Mark Miller LC4
Christine Andreopoulos/ LC-4
Kathleen Scott-Houchen LC4
Reena Nesarajah / LC4
Miruna Roxana
Jeanette Timbury/LC3
alison cheung
Victoria Ashat LC4
Kristin Rogers
Rav Ashat LC4
Vicki Boase
Heather Aspinwall
Claudine Tosso LC3
Luke persaud
Rebecca Hart
Maryanna sobotka LC1
Celine Sokol / LC4
Mary Tran/LC1
Christina Stone LC2
Sarah Mercer LC4 
Michelle Bruner LC1
Jessica Bailey/LC4
Naaz Jetha LC2
Nika Boase (student)
Robyn Miller / LC4
Kesta Graham
Laura Crook LC4
Paige O’Connor 
Jessa reitsma
Lindsay Romain/ LC1
Christina Brinco LC2
Lindsay Romain/ LC1
Lillian Di Pietro LC1
Jessica Ovalles / LC4
Tiho Tihomirovic
Kenisha Bynoe LC3
Julia Bentley LC4
Jennifer Parkins
Maria Lopez Garcia / LC2
Danita Hosking
Aaron Cappel
Kyle Minniti
Dori Aspuru-Takata / LC4 English
Karen Jackson
Shona Rowan LC 4
Patricia De Mattio/LC 4
Susan Brewster- LC4
Catherine Jackman
Mounika sourial LC2
Alex Baldissera, LC1
Bianca Alexander LC3
Kimi Gau, LC 4
Ray Hopkin
Yanfang (Anne) Zhang / LC4
Julien Alexandre LC1
Michelle Bruner LC1
Sandra Ferris
Sandra Ferris
Brian boase
James MacLean
Jessa reitsma
Lesley Sebastian
Anne Wilson LC4
Jennifer Douma LC1
Stephanie Dawson/LC4
Tasneem Ali
Valia Reinsalu LC4
Sarah Read/ LC3
Todd Van Horne
Natsuko Nakamura
Jeishan Rajakulasingam/LC2
Alan Boase
Rina Torre LC4
Marta Kopun
Olga Davydenko
Heather Going / LC1
Julien Alexandre LC1
Sarah Walker Gaudet LC4
Grace Song / LC4
Luke Lockyer
Kim Norman/LC3
Michelle Clouthier
Cassandra Rudolph-Métivier (LC4)
Adrianne Harris LC1
K Tylor LC2
Karen Chu LC4
Claudio Daniele, LC1
Sue Bryer LC2
Desi Milusheva, parent of FI student
Ann weir Lc4
Melissa King LC1
Jordana Stier/LC2
Cecilia Santos
Elisa Goldman LC4
Stacie Carmona/LC 3
Deaundra Hamilton LC 3
Laura Hughes LC4
Laura Hughes LC4
Megan Quinn LC3
Kelly Endert LC1
Leslie Chin-Ting LC4
Alan Boase
Marcie Buchanan-Giachalis
Sandy McLeod
Sonya Ham/12
Joe Costa
Eryn Miller
Stephanie Cini LC4
Sylvia Denton lc1
Mandisa Bromfield LC4
Tara Waters/LC4
Cynthia McCarrey LC4
Roslyn Soane LC4 Grade 2 Virtual
David Nesarajah / LC4
Andrea Coffey LC2
Katerina Piscitelli / LC1
Antonio Piscitelli / LC1
Sarah Hutchison
Sylvia Chouljian/LC2
Shirley Leung LC2
Linda Kwan, LC1
Aidan Maltby / LC4 / Grade 4-FI-A
Sue Bryer LC2
Lisa Finlayson LC3
Jennie Boutilier / 4
Cathy ullmann
Johnna Sacrey Butler
Robert Joyette/ LC3
Giovanna Falsetti Graci - LC 2
Dionne Warwick/4
Darek Kocan
Stefania Low-Ring
Julia Heximer/ LC4
Kimberly García/LC4
Fiona de Ree Ward 7 LC4
Anna Marrello-Gomes / LC2
Sonia Henri / LC1
Sonya Henderson LC4
Olivia balaisis /lc4
Sandra Ferris
Tripta Sood/LC4
Peggy Cheung / LC2
April Giles
Emma Gunn/LC4
Vanessa / LC3
Jeff Feigenbaum LC4
Alexandra Koscianski LC 1
Adrienne Chiang, LC4
Sarah Nashman
Robert Hart
Brian boase
Sandra Levesque
Tanya chernova
Kesta Graham
Lauren Barnett LC1
Lee Rimer
Joy Lachica - ETT Executive
Sandy McLeod
Armanda LC3
Mary Tran/LC1
Sara Wong
Sara Wong
Amanda Gregory/L4
Antoine Newhouse
Beth Briceño / 16
Astrid Van Den Broek/LC4
Letitia McDonald/ LC3
Kelly Walker LC4
Georgia Stamoulis
Anne Bradt
Aidan Maltby / LC4 / Grade 4-FI-A
Jayne Maltby / LC4 / Grade 4FIA
Angelique Thompson lc1
Vicki Rooke Daurizio / newly retired due to coivd
Shariah lc2
Jennifer Skilton LC 2
Phuong-Cu Nguyen / LC4
Michelle Arai/LC4
Laura Pontuschka / LC4
Daniela Mercurio LC4
Paula Campbell
Catherine Byrnes LC4
Laura McCoy / LC 1
Sarah O'Shaughnessy/ LC4
Patti Parton LC4
Lauren Grossman, LC4
Sephra Khan LC 4
Penelope Griffin/10
Heather Roberts
Florence koromilos
Sarah Monas LC2
Linette Ballantyne/LC2
Rachel Monk/ LC4
Jonathan Giles
Krista Burgess/4
Stephanie Reisler
Opher Caspi / LC4
Lindsay Aitken LC4
Ayesatta Conteh LC4
Suzanne Walker LC4
Caitlin Doyle/ LC4
Christne Costa
Jennifer Nazzarelli
Mary Rocca LC2
Tiffany, LC4
Johnna Sacrey Butler
Steven Borges LC1
Amy Ksiazek LC2
Gilbert Coyle/LC4
Susan Jim, Wilkinson PS
Gwenyth McAllister
Dinah Liko
Kathryn Thomas
Andréa Raymond/LC22
Tom Romas LC2
abiramee kamalanathan
Janet McCarrol
Kelly Caldwell LC3
Simon Francis
Mike Lymer
Ling Chiu
Erinn Clark LC4
Nancy Stavert
Jennifer Wymer LC4
Brian Rieper/LC4
G. Whyte /2
Christine Curran
Nubia Beckley-Delaleu/ LC 4
Mike Lymer
Tony Wa
Jocelyn Harrison LC4
April Stevens/4
Dagney Gardiner/LC2
Sayaka Yajima / LC4
Joseph Sholtes, LC 4
Karen Farquhar/LC4
Nadine alves lc2
Daniel Cutruzzola/ LC1
Debbie Balramsingh
Jennifer Cameron
Teresa Allan/LC 4
Janice Steponas
Emily Simone
Sonia Lc1
Deborah Xuereb
Alison Damer. LC 4
Erinn Clark LC4
Amanda Smith
Tom Roedding
Alice Mazelet
Helen Poulos
Sara Dow / 4
Irnice Eliassaint / LC3
Mausmi Gamage
becky thompson
Frosso Traikos
Shaughnessy Tibbs
Heather Ruddell LC3
Emily Sinopoli
mitchell adams
Diane Zafred, LC4
Kathleen Kraft
Vanessa Lau / LC3
Fanny Griffin-Nolte
Robert bruce
Kishauna Evans-Blissett / LC3
Kristyn Owers/LC 1
LC 2
Grace Han/LC1
Greg Macfarlane
Basil Tamkei / 23
Kathy hamara
Brenda Bennett-Learmonth
Elliott Richards/LC3
Isabelle Roshan/ LC4/ LC2
Wendy Burch Jones / LC4
Jennifer Pitt
Meghan Stock
Jane Williams
Deidra Moniz
Katelyn Di Giulio
Lindsey Stelmanis
Cathy Barrett/ LC3
Ivana Di Biase
Meaghan Kelly LC4
Jocelyne Pasman LC2
Kristian Owens LC3
Lindsey Stelmanis
Sarah Hinton /LC3
Chad Waterman/LC3
Jennifer Lii/LC 4
Andrea Leckie / LC4
Courtney Cutts/ LC2
W.Louis / LC4
Samantha McMsster
Kathleen Chow /LC1
Ayse Aydin
Jennifer franklin
Helen Simopoulos/LC4
Mary Triadafilopoulos
Darcy King
Emilie Adams LC 4
Jennifer Nazzarelli
Maude Carriet
Samantha McMsster
Gordon Shadrach
Stacey McMechan/ LC4
Brigitte Roussel
Danita Hosking/LC2
Francis DaSilva / George Webster E.S., Toronto ON
N Moroz/3
Moreen Hylton/LC2
Melanie Madray/LC 2
Sarah Mercer LC4
Christopher Irving/LC4
Linda Kwan, LC1
Kerry Heller
Vicki Boase
Susie Vree
Taina Jantunen/ LC4
Karen cheung
Vicki O'Donnell
A-M Sulymko
Philip bruce
Brian Morris /LC2
Joyet Chakungal
Anne Piper, LC-4
Kerry Gibson
Maureen Fenton /Learning Center 4
Clipper Miano/LC3
Tiffany Leong/LC2
Helena Chapman
Anita Wright
Natallia Mikhalkevich
Anna Stefanidis
Danielle Shin/LC 2
Francesco Tarantino/LC1
Loraine Valentine LC3
Irene Ip-Kang/ LC2
Michelle Munk/4
Joanna Lepek/LC3
Anita Wright
Dori Aspuru-Takata / LC4
Elissa Katzman LC4
Maria Palumbo
Lina Sloan
Nicole Barnes
Jason Barnes
Alicia Guy LC- 1
Lyla MacAulay LC4
Jacqueline Smith
Laura Tenenbaum/LC3
Kristin Jensen lc 4
Jennifer Knappe Davis LC3
Angela Chmeleva LC 3
Natasha Upal / LC1
Viviane Ko/LC1
Keerthana Raveendran/LC3
Danielle Byers
Kristin Jensen lc 4
Rubab pasha/ LC4
Julia Heximer/ LC4
Sandi King/ LC4
Christopher Irving/LC4
Ashley Pitaro LC4
Elizabeth Milkau LC4
Nick Pitaro LC4
Nirpjit Gill LC1
Chetan Mann / LC1
Florence koromilos
Helen Vlachoyannacos - LC2
Shradha Maharaj/Learning Center 4
Veronica lc4
Fatima Ahmad/LC1
Gillian O'Donnell
Jay Roberts LC3
Karina Platoy
Lisa D'Arcy
Urszula Starzec LC4
Eryn Miller
Sandy mcleod LC 4
Marcelle Doss/ lc 13
Sally Thompson/LC4
Ava Ng/LC2
Marwa La
Ross McDonald LC2
Hilary Cook-Thompson
Mark W. DeBoer
Jacqueline Morgan LC4
Sylvie Cartier
Hannah Pashkovsky LC 2
Amanda Ryan LC2
Maria Pochodyniak LC3
Nandita Singh LC3 Virtual School
Minah Hwang
Deanna LC 2
Christine Dupuis LC3
Krista Burns
Daniel Rodriguz
Kelly Jimenez LC3 (virtual)
Nicole Viardot
Gordon McGill/LC4
Andrew Rozehnal LC3
David Head
Robin Connolly, LC4
Sandy mcleod LC 4
Meaghan Salisbury LC4
Heather Mckenzie LC4
Thiloka Murtuza LC3
Quennie Gomez/ LC4
Estelle Sokol
Angela Bhatia/LC3
J Kontomerkos
LC4 LN21
Diana Andrews LC4 LN21
Judi Rapso/Grade 3
Colleen Groth
Sylvie Cartier
Jenna Boyd
Nick Hanning / LC4
Sandra Quintal
Joanne Jenkins
Heather Belcher
L Harrower
David Freeman
Marilyn Hughes
Michael Allentoff / LC2
Ray Hachey / LC4
Monika Pahwa/LC1
Naomi Siddiqi LC 4
Jennifer Nazzarelli
Amy Emes
Amy Emes
Jennifer Gill Learning Centre 1
Ivana Campbell
Diana D’Oria
T. Freris
Martha Truscott LC4
Sheela O’Dea
Lisa Furdyk
Laura Beveridge/LC4
Amanda Colaiacovo / LC4
Stephany Doucette/LC4
Troy Whynot / LC4
David Freeman
Kelly Jimenez LC3 (virtual)
Sandra Ferris
Joanne Mitchell/16
Valerie Bastien /Rawlinson Community School
Lauren Haugen-Stanley / LC 4
Cass Reimer/ LC4
Anna Kwan, Toronto
Claire Spekkens
Camille Huh /LC2
Patricia MacLeod
James Earl. The Waterfront
Laura Beveridge/LC4
Alissa Anderson / LC4
Susan Barbour LC4
Diana Will Stork, LC4
Peyton Leung/LC4
Lucy Aveling LC4
Samantha Ling/LC4
Jeanine Ching-Perkins/LC4
Sandra Quintal
Celene Baccus/LC4
Karen Templin OCT
Fiona Brougham
Suzanne Walker LC4
Melanie Boultbee
Jonathan Laframboise
Beth Webber
Kathryn Hernandez
David Henry
Laura Tenenbaum
Sarisha Moodley
Lisa Martin




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