Say No To Hybrid – The Campaign Continues!

Over 7000 of you sent a letter to the TDSB as part of our ongoing campaign against hybrid learning. These unprecedented numbers speak to the urgency of this issue for all who understand that the stakes are high for students, parents and educators. The fact that trustees have already reached out to us on this issue demonstrates the power that we have when we are able to collectively engage in small, individual actions.

We need to keep the pressure up and we need YOU to keep participating – IT IS WORKING!

As part of the next stage of our campaign, not only is ETT reaching out to the broader community but we are also collaborating with other education locals on a social media campaign. ETT members, parents, students, and supporters of quality public education are invited to participate in a twitter storm on Thursday, June 24th from 11am – 12pm. Please see below for more details and be sure to make your voice heard! We need high participation, so please encourage all of your friends, family and colleagues to participate and to use the resources provided below. All participants are encouraged to post  on twitter using the hashtags #hybridhurtskids and #saynotohybrid as well as the tags @ElemTeachersTO, @tdsb

Below are some shareable images to use for the Twitter storm and social media.

We must send a message to all school boards across the province and to the Doug Ford Tories that we will not stand by as covid is used as a convenient crisis to begin dismantling and undermining public education under the aegis of “parent choice”. Say no to hybrid and say no to virtual learning!


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