Parents – Say No to Hybrid Learning

Dear Parents,

Having successfully kept hybrid learning at bay this school year, ETT has learned that the TDSB has opened the door to hybrid learning in our classrooms for the 2021/2022 school year. This will have a tremendously negative impact on student learning, teacher workload, and the future of public education in Ontario, and it is vital that our employer hears directly from you.

We are at a critical moment, and we need all parents to speak out to force the TDSB to reverse course on this issue. Time is not on our side and so today we are asking all of you to send a letter to the TDSB demanding that they immediately abandon any plans for hybrid learning and the disastrous consequences this would have for our members.

Our members and the public education system are under direct attack from the Ford Government and the urgent threat that hybrid learning presents to our working conditions, and students’ learning conditions, is something that we have not faced in many years. This is a call to action for all parents to take two minutes to do something that could have an impact for years to come.

Now is your time to stand up and speak out. Make your voice heard and send this letter to TDSB Director Karen Falconer and all 22 TDSB Trustees.

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