Research Assistant for the Elementary Teachers’ of Toronto Violent Incident Research Project

The Elementary Teachers’ of Toronto (ETT) is seeking a Research Assistant for the Elementary Teachers’ of Toronto Violent Incident Research Project. Please see below for position details and requirements. This position is open to all ETT Members. Click here to download this position posting as a PDF.


Project Title

Research Assistant for the Elementary Teachers’ of Toronto Violent Incident Research Project

ETT Leads

Executive Officer Julius and Vice-President Nigel Barriffe

Research Supervisor

Stephanie Fearon, PhD

Description of Opportunity

The Violent Incident Project is an arts-based research project committed to:

  • Educating ETT members on their rights regarding Health and Safety issues;
  • Producing research-driven multi-purpose materials that can be utilised for informational purposes to educate, and activate members on the health and safety realities, processes and conditions; and
  • Illustrating larger systemic impacts (i.e., political, funding, public education) on the Health and Safety of ETT members for broader advocacy and organising purposes


Duties for the Research Assistant Members will primarily include the following:

  • Search relevant databases and sources for articles and reports on the research topic
  • Write and revise sections of the scoping review report
  • Contribute to the ethics protocol
  • Support the design and facilitation of an arts-based workshop
  • Promote the research project amongst ETT membership
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Location

Some work will be conducted at ETT main office, and some work will be conducted virtually.

Period of Assignment

June 15th, 2024—August 31, 2024

Hours of Assignment

Anticipated 60 hours; shall not exceed 80 hours.

Required Skills

Applicants will ideally have all or most of the following experiences and/or skills:

  • Design and facilitate professional development for groups of 15 ETT members;
  • Understand and interpret academic literature;
  • Write for multiple audiences (e.g., ETT members, trustees, government officials, wider public, etc.);
  • Demonstrate a strong passion for the arts; and
  • Demonstrate an interest in developing arts-based research skills.


ETT members are invited to apply regardless of academic credentials, or direct research experience. The hours of assignment are structured to ensure you receive the necessary support and training to succeed in this research project.

Evening or Weekend Work

Occasional evening and weekend work might be required.


Research Assistant Members must:

  • Be an active ETT member;
  • Committed to equity and accessibility;
  • Aligned with ETT’s values and strategic objectives
  • Able to communicate fluently in English in all language competencies (reading, listening, writing, speaking)
  • Fluent in commonly used Microsoft and Google applications (e.g., Word, Docs, Sheets, Excel), and virtual meeting tools (i.e., Zoom, Microsoft Teams)
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the intersectional realities (e.g., race, gender, socioeconomic status) that impact ETT members

Application Deadline

June 12th, 2024 by 5pm. Late applications will not be considered.


  • Members are permitted to claim the following expenses using ETT’s existing protocols:
    • Travel expenses for in-person meetings/sessions (e.g., mileage, parking, transit)
    • Meals for in-person meetings/sessions (e.g., breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    • Child or dependent care for in-person meetings/sessions
  • 5 additional release days that can be utilised for the 2024-2025 school year


Application Instructions

Elementary Teachers of Toronto invites all qualified applicants to apply. Applications must include a cover letter and a resume.

1. Cover Letter

The one page cover letter should detail the following:

  • Leadership in the union and/or labour movements;
  • Use of the arts to help members or adults express their lived experiences;
  • Research experiences; and
  • Interest in teacher-led research, arts research methodologies, and research.


2. Resume

The 2 page resume should highlight the following:

  • Your work experience and background relevant to the Research Assistant Member position (e.g., teacher leadership, workshop facilitation, research experience/interest, arts background, etc.)


Please email your cover letter and resume as one pdf document to Executive Officer Julius ( and copy to Vice-President Nigel Barriffe ( Please quote the job title in your subject line and include your ETFO membership number in the covering letter.



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