Report Card Expectations: Know Your Rights

New Collective Agreement language, effective immediately and applicable in both bricks and mortar and Virtual School, requires that: Annually, the actual expectations for Progress Reports are communicated by September 30th, and the expectations for your 1st and 2nd term Report Cards are communicated by December 15th.

This is in addition to previously won Collective Agreement language that your Principal must consult with you to establish the deadlines for all reports not later than September 30th.

Thus, not later than December 15th this year, you and your colleagues in bricks and mortar and in Virtual School must have the expectations for your 1st and 2nd Term Reports, in addition to all timelines/deadlines for your reports.

New Collective Agreement Language: Report Card Expectations

The specific new language in your Collective Agreement is bolded below:

Report Cards (L-D.21.0)

L-D.21.1: In each school, timelines for all report cards shall be established, prior to September 30, by the Principal after consultation with the Teachers.
L.D.21.2: Communications with respect to expectations regarding report cards will be distributed as follows:

  1. (a) September 30 for the November Progress reports
  2. (b) December 15 for the First and Second term report cards
  3. (c) Should the Ministry provision change, the dates as outlined above may be subject to revision.

Enforcement Ideas

  • Circulate this new Collective Agreement language to all ETT members in your school at an ETT meeting, a Staff Meeting, and/or through your ETT communication network.
  • Organize a discussion with your ETT colleagues about report card communications, and submit your collective proposals to your Administrator in advance of December 15.
  • If the Term 1 and 2 Report Card communication expectations, are not provided to all ETT Members by December 15, contact your ETT Executive Officer immediately.


See the Local Collective Agreement Highlights [PDF] (login required)
See the full Local Collective Agreement Language [PDF] (login required)

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