Protect Our Schools! Collective Action Works!

Tell the Ford Government to implement a plan that protects you, your students, and your communities. Tell Toronto Public Health to use their authority and power to implement the necessary measures now! We need safe schools when we return to in-person learning.

Email and call – Flood their systems with the following demands:

  • Staff and students receive regular supplies of N95 masks
  • Appropriate HEPA filters are in all school spaces where students/staff work and gather
  • A robust and comprehensive rapid antigen testing program (two to three times weekly) is established and enough PCR tests are available for all staff and students
  • Safe lunchtime protocols be established for staff and students, given the high transmission rate of Omicron
  • A concrete plan is created and shared in advance to deal with unfilled absences/unsafe staffing levels in schools
  • School based drive-through vaccination clinics are established for any staff, students, families requesting a first/second dose or booster shot
  • That the province immediately implements 10 paid sick days and 14 paid emergency days for all workers in Ontario
  • That the province ensures a robust reporting, contact tracing, and notification procedure in every school; and the continuation of provincial school Covid case data collection and publication


Premier Doug Ford
(416) 325-1941 OR (416) 745-2859 |

Education Minister, Stephen Lecce
(416) 325-2600 |

Health Minister, Christine Elliott
(905) 853-9889 |

Dr. Eileen de Villa
(416) 338-7600 |

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