Pride Month 2024 Book Draw

The ETT 2SLGBTQIA+ Committee has organized a Book Draw as part of ETT’s June Pride Month celebrations. Members can enter to win a 2SLGBTQIA+ themed book featuring a range of topics.

Members will have the chance to win one book.

  • Winners will be selected randomly and given their choice of book (in order of preference indicated, and subject to availability of the book).
  • Books will be sent to draw winners via TDSB interoffice mail. (Please make sure your ETT Member Hub profile is up-to-date including the worksite and personal email fields.)


The Book Draw is now closed.

For more information contact Executive Officers: Maria Abbruzzese and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Available Books

Click to download the PDF with book links


Book Lists from Local Independent Booksellers & 2SLGBTQIA+ Organizations

Book Lists from Literary Organizations

ETFO Resources

More Titles With Inclusive Trans/Gender-Fluid/Non-Binary Characters

These are great titles to use as read-alouds for everyday use to help your students see these characters as a normal part of everyday life, just like all the other characters they see in story.

  • Noodin’s Perfect Day by Ansley Simpson & Rhael McGregor, 2022
  • Over the Shop by JonArno Lawson & Qin Leng, 2021
  • Moondragon in the Mosque Garden by El-Farouk Khaki, Troy Jackson & Katie Commodore, 2017
  • My Maddy by Gayle E Pitman & Violet Tobacco, 2020
  • A Plan for Pops by Heather Smith & Brooke Kerrigan, 2021
  • Timide by Harry Woodgate, 2021
  • My Fade is Fresh by Shauntay Grant & Thomas Kitt, 2022
  • Small Knight and the Angry Prince by Manka Kasha, 2023
  • Fluffy and the Stars by T’áncháy Redvers & Roza Nozari, 2023
  • Ballet Kids by Holly Sterling, 2022
  • Something Great by Jeanette Bradley, 2022
  • The Good Hair Day by Christian Trimmer & J. Yang, 2023
  • The Loudest Bark by Gail Marlene Schwartz, Lucie Gagnon & Amélie Ayotte, 2022
  • Circle of Love by Monique Grey Smith & Nicole Neidhardt, 2024
  • Jude Saves the World by Ronnie Riley, 2023

Non-Fiction Titles to Help With Conversations About Transgender / Gender Diversity

  • What Are Your Words? A Book About Pronouns by Katherine Locke & Anne Passchier, 2021
  • True You: A Gender Journey by Gwen Agna & Shelley Rotner, 2022
  • Gender Heroes: 25 Amazing Transgender, Non-Binary and Genderqueer Trailblazers from Past and Present by Kingsley Publishers Jessica, 2023
  • Gender Identity for Kids: A Book About Finding Yourself, Understanding Others, and Respecting Everybody by Andy Passchier, 2023
  • My Culture, My Gender, Me by Cassandra Jules Corrigan, 2023
  • It Feels Good To Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity by Theresa Thorn & Noah Grigni, 2019
  • Being You: A First Conversation About Gender by Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli & Anne/Andy Passchier, 2021
  • This Is Our Rainbow: 16 Stories of Her, Him, Them and Us by Katherine Locke & Nicole Melleby, 2021
  • Pink, Blue, and You! Questions for Kids About Gender Stereotypes by Elise Gravel & Mykaell Blais
  • Growing Up Trans: In Our Own Words by Lindsay Herriot & Kate Fry 2021
  • Dotson: My Journey Growing Up Transgender (A Memoir) by Grayson Lee White & Stephanie Roth Sisson, 2024
  • Becoming Who We Are: Real Stories About Growing Up Trans by Sammy Lisel & Lilah Sturges, 2024
  • Some Bodies by Sophie Kennen & Airin O’Callaghan, 2022
  • Transphobia: Deal with It by j wallace skelton & Nick Johnson, 2016

(Somewhat) Older Inclusive Trans/Gender-Inclusive Themed Titles that You May Already Have in Your Library

These are all fantastic titles, and chances are that your school library may already have them catalogued. The TDSB Virtual Library also has some of these titles digitally, so be sure to look online, too.

  • Téo’s Tutu by Maryann Jacob Macias & Alea Marley, 2021
  • 10,000 Dresses by Rex Ray & Marcus Ewert, 2008
  • Morris Micklewhite & the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchino & Isabelle Malenfant, 2014
  • I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel, Jazz Jennings & Shelagh McNicholas, 2014
  • My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis & Suzanne DeSimone, 2010
  • Pink Is For Boys by Robb Pearlman & Eda Kaban, 2018
  • My Shadow Is Pink by Scott Stuart, 2021
  • My Rainbow by DeShanna Neal, Trinity Neal & Twink Art, 2020
  • The Name I Call Myself by Hasan Namir & Cathryn John, 2020
  • Neither by Airlie Anderson, 2018
  • Bunnybear by Andrea J Loney & Carmen Saldaña, 2021
  • Introducing Teddy by Jessica Walton & Douglas MacPherson, 2016
  • Angus All Aglow by Heather Smith & Alice Carter, 2018
  • I Love My Purse by Belle DeMont & Sonja Wimmer, 2017
  • Jack, Not Jackie by Erica Silverman & Holly Hatam, 2018
  • The Boy and the Bindi by Vivek Shraya & Rajni Perera, 2016
  • From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea by Kai Cheng Thom, Kai Yun Ching & Wai-Yant Li, 2017
  • Sparkle Boy by Lesléa Newman & Maria Mola, 2017
  • Phoenix Goes to School by Michelle Finch, Phoenix Finch & Sharon Davey, 2018
  • 47,000 Beads by Koja Adeyoha, Angel Adeyoha & Holly McGillis, 2017
  • Ho’onani: Hula Warrior by Heather Gale & Mika Song, 2019
  • Calvin by JR Ford, Vanessa Ford & Kayla Harren, 2021
  • Ciel by Sophie Labelle, 2020
  • The Fabulous Zed Watson by Basil Sylvester & Kevin Sylvester, 2021
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