ETFO ELHT Benefits Information

The following booklet provides easy access to the information needed to understand the benefits provided by the ETFO ELHT Benefits Plan.

Download the ETFO ELHT Benefits Plan Booklet (requires login)

Access your ETFO ELHT Benefits at a Glance [PDF]

New Member: How to Enrol in the ETFO ELHT

If you are eligible for the plan, you will receive an email from OTIP to your TDSB email inviting you to enrol in the benefits plan at The email will provide detailed registration instructions including your OTIP identification number and instructions on how to set up your password. You will be guided through the online benefits enrolment process.

It is important you complete your enrolment within 31 days and to ensure your information is accurate and complete. During the enrolment process, you will be informed of any costs associated with your coverage selections.

Your ETFO ELHT Benefits Card

All eligible members enroled with extended health and dental coverage will receive a pay-direct benefits card in the mail, including important information on how to submit claims. You can also print out benefits cards from the My Claims section of OTIP’s secure member website once you have completed your enrolment.

If you did not receive your welcome email, please contact Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847.

ETFO ELHT: Additional Details

For more details about your benefits under the ETFO Employee Health & Life Trust, please visit the ETFO ELHT website.


The ETFO Provincial Long Term Disability Plan was amended with changes to take place effective March, 1 2018.

Download the FAQ for information and guidance regarding the amendments [PDF]

See the ETFO Provincial Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan Termination Provisions

Employee Assistance Program

Members also have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This is a confidential counseling service, dealing with any number of issues, with offices throughout the GTA.

Contact Shepell-fgi: 1-800-268-5211

Additional OTIP Services

OTIP offers additional services for all ETT members and their dependants. There is no additional cost for any component of these exceptional services.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact your Executive Officer.

Stress and other mental health issues continue to be leading factors within the OTIP claim block. With the recognition of higher than average stress levels within the education field, OTIP introduced the FeelingBetterNow® program in 2009. This program has been developed to ensure user confidentiality. No personal information is shared with OTIP, a member’s employer, co-worders, or union.

In the event a member is at risk for a common mental health disorder, the FeelingBetterNow® website ( will provide treatment guidelines and a care map for the member to take to his or her physician. Members do not need to be off work or on claim to access this resource.


Available since 2007, the CAREpath Cancer Assistance Program offers help in many forms to members and their immediate family (spouse and dependent children) when dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Significant medical advice and meaningful patient advocacy are the cornerstones of this valued program. Three distinct services are available:

CAREpath Navigation System

  •  Provices one-on-one telephone counselling, guidance and support from a personal oncology nurse, backed by an oncologist.

CAREpath Survivor Support

  •  Assists you and your immediate family members in leading a healthy, cancer-free life through a comprehensive risk assessment and prevention program.

Cancer Information Line

  •  Gives you access to cancer-related information for extended family members and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer.

This program is meant to complement (not replace) the health services provided by your doctors. To contact CAREpath services call 1-800-290-5106 or e-mail

Home and Property Insurance

As a member of Elementary Teachers of Toronto, you’re entitled to exclusive savings on home and property insurance from OTIP, with competitive rates and special discounts.

Automobile Insurance

Get the protection you need and the value you deserve. Click here for exclusive group savings on auto insurance and save even more with OTIP’s special discounts.

Retirement Insurance

OTIP offers health, dental and travel insurance for retirees. The Retired Teachers Insurance Plan (RTIP) offers the most flexible health, dental and travel insurance available to the retired education community. Simply choose the plan that best meets your needs.

OTIP Bursary Program

Who better to support the value of education than the organization that celebrates members of the education community? OTIP is very proud to offer opportunities to its insured members and their families. Click here to find out more about their Bursary Program.

Roundtable Minutes – November 16, 2021

Nov 25, 2021

Roundtable Minutes – November 16, 2021

Please click here to view the roundtable minutes from the November 16 meeting with the TDSB.

ETFO Provincial Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan Termination Provisions

Mar 11, 2021

ETFO Provincial Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan Termination Provisions

Please see the following memo and the LTD Coverage Termination form to determine if you should...

ETFO Provincial Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan
ETFO Provincial Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan

The following is an overview of the ETFO Provincial Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan. This document...

ETFO Provincial LTD Termination Form
ETFO Provincial LTD Termination Form

This form should be completed if you wish to terminate your long term disability (LTD) plan...

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