What is Seniority?

Seniority is a measure of the number of years you have been employed as a teacher by the TDSB. Your seniority is determined by your “Teaching Experience” and “Related Experience.”

“Teaching Experience, means the number of years or partial years of experience to the nearest tenth of a year at September 1st in any year, in teaching in Canada…” (Refer to Section L – A.3.1.(v) of the Collective Agreement). Teaching experience gained as a teacher candidate at a Faculty of Education doesn’t count.

“Related Experience means experience in a trade, profession, or business for which credit may be given by the Board by advancing a Teacher on the salary grid depending on the length of the experience and the degree of its relevance to teaching but shall not include related experience required for entrance to a College or a Faculty of Education…” (Refer to Section L – A.3.1.(q) of the Collective Agreement).

Your Seniority is Based on the Following Criteria in the Following Order

As described in L – Part E of the Collective Agreement

  • total length of TDSB Teaching Experience;
  • other Teaching Experience accepted for salary purposes;
  • by lot (computerized random selection).

The TDSB will make any necessary declarations of surplus to schools based on seniority and experience by the beginning of April.

Declaration of Surplus

Fluctuations in student enrollment or program closures in your school could result in you being declared surplus to the school as the least senior teacher on staff. If declared surplus you have the opportunity to go through the transfer process and/or be administratively placed in another school. The transfer process includes applying to any posted vacancy throughout the Board.

If you are unable to secure a position through the vacancies, you will be placed administratively based on qualifications, taking into account teaching and geographical preferences. If there are no vacancies within the system, the declaration would be, surplus to the Board. The Board will contact you in order of seniority as vacancies arise.

(Refer to L – Part E, Seniority, Surplus and Declining Enrollment Provisions, of the Collective Agreement).

Teacher Exchange Transfer

A Teacher Exchange Transfer can occur where there is mutual agreement of the Teachers and Principals involved, in consultation with Superintendents of Education.

  • Teacher Exchange Transfer can occur after the Teacher Transfer process (provisions and options are in schools by the latter part of February) ends on May 25th and before the mid-point of June.
  • Once mutual agreement has been reached, the Principals will advise the Elementary Teaching Office.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact your Executive Officer.

Surplus and Transfer Information and Timelines

Mar 11, 2021

Surplus and Transfer Information and Timelines

Surplus and Transfer Timelines Teacher Requested Transfer (TRT) Deadline: April 20, 2021, 4:00 p.m. Teacher Exchange...

2016-2017 TDSB Learning Centres and Learning Networks
2016-2017 TDSB Learning Centres and Learning Networks

The following map highlights the 2016-2017 TDSB Learning Centres and Learning Networks.