Grievance Information

What is a grievance?

A grievance is an orderly and effective way of enforcing the Collective Agreement and resolving conflict in the workplace. It is a formal complaint arising out of an alleged violation of the administration, application or interpretation of the Collective Agreement (e.g. failure to provide sufficient preparation time; unfair discipline.) Other grievances may include breaches of legislation such as the Human Rights Code or the Health and Safety Act.

If I have a complaint, what do I do?

If what is happening to you seems unfair contact your Executive Officer, who will be able to discuss and assess the situation and help you deal with it in the most efficient and appropriate manner. Sometimes intervention other than a grievance may be more effective and therefore used.

I’m afraid to grieve!

Don’t be nervous. Your Executive Officer will guide you through the process. All workers have rights and it is important to enforce these rights so that a Collective Agreement is enforced.

What is the process of a grievance?

Once a decision is made to file a grievance, your Executive Officer will notify the Toronto District School Board personnel. A grievance meeting is held where your Executive Officer represents you by presenting your case

What timelines do I follow?

Under the Collective Agreement, members must adhere to timelines. The grievance must be filed within 20 school days from the time the member knew, or reasonably ought to have known that the violation occurred.

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