New Language Regarding Preparation Time Notification: Know Your Rights

New Collective Agreement language, just won and effective immediately, requires your Administrator to:

  • Provide you with at least 24-hours notice of rescheduled preparation time.
  • Or, get your agreement if they are proposing less than 24-hours notice for rescheduled preparation time.

Enforcement Ideas

  • Circulate this new Collective Agreement language to all ETT members in your school at an ETT meeting, a Staff Meeting, and/or through your ETT communication network.
  • Have a discussion with your ETT colleagues about ensuring this language is enforced in your school immediately.
  • Maintain a “Missed Preparation Time Binder” in your school where you record the name of the Teacher, date of their missed preparation time, date the notice is given for payback, and the actual payback date.
  • Contact your Executive Officer immediately if your Administrator has not provided 24-hours notice and/or has not sought your agreement for less than 24-hours notice.

New Collective Agreement Language: Preparation Time Notification

The new Collective Agreement language is underlined and bolded below.


Preparation time may be rescheduled in the case of an emergency or when a Teacher is required to fill in for another Teacher whose absence was not foreseen by the principal.

In such cases, the Teacher shall be entitled to have such time made up within 15 school days.

The Board shall provide the Teacher with at least 24 hours’ notice of rescheduled preparation time. However, less than 24 hours’ notice may be mutually agreed upon.


See the Local Collective Agreement Highlights [PDF] (login required)
See the full Local Collective Agreement Language [PDF] (login required)

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