Message From ETT President Joy Lachica: Retrieving Belongings and Accessing Classrooms

As you may be aware, the TDSB issued an updated protocol on May 28 regarding staff access to schools and the opportunity next week (starting June 1) for members to:

  • collect belongings;
  • take down and clear out classrooms; and
  • conduct end-of-year business.

ETT has been in conversation with the Board, and they have affirmed to us that it is not mandatory for members to visit schools/worksites next week, nor is it mandatory to retrieve belongings during this period.
The TDSB has also acknowledged that some members may not be able to safely enter buildings during the designated period because of illness or symptoms of illness, as well as medical condition or precondition.
Members are advised that access to schools/worksites:

  • will be provided Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.;
  • must be requested from your administrator; and
  • may be extended at the discretion of your administrator to accommodate family status or transportation concerns.

Members should also note that access for students and parents to TDSB buildings is slated to take place the following week, starting June 8.
In Solidarity,
ETT President
Joy Lachica

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