Message From ETT President Jennifer Brown: Together, Our Actions Are Making a Difference

In her latest video address, ETT President Jennifer Brown highlights our union’s recent successes and the improvements that ETT members have compelled the TDSB to make to its COVID-19 and return to school plan.
“We listened to your concerns and we advocated, expressing the urgency and the impact that the TDSB’s plan has had on your mental health,” says ETT President Jennifer Brown. “We urged the Board to make changes and they listened because we worked together.”
Together, through our collective action—11,000 strong—we have ensured that:

  • Everyone in Kindergarten to Grade 3 has to wear a mask.
  • ETT members with remote assignments can work from home in a safe environment.
  • ETT members can follow their professional judgment and choose whether to use Brightspace or Google Classroom.

“We will continue to push back. We will continue to listen to you and to bring your concerns to the Board. But we can’t do it without you. We need your support. Let’s get through this together.”
Take Action for Safer Schools

  • Complete the ETT Health and Safety COVID-19 survey. This information is essential so we can work to address issues and deficiencies with the TDSB’s return to school and COVID-19 policies.
  • Download the ETT Petition [PDF]. Work with your colleagues to collect as many signatures as you can. It is imperative that the collective voices of teachers, parents, and other concerned community members be heard, as, together, we demand that the Ford government provide appropriate COVID-19 funding to ensure safe schools.
  • If there are issues at your school/worksite, please contact your ETT Executive Officer. We can’t take action if we don’t know what’s happening.

Watch the Video

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