Message From ETT President Jennifer Brown: TDSB Reneges on Mutually Agreed Upon Plan for January 4

Regrettably, I need to inform all ETT members that the TDSB has reneged on a mutually agreed upon plan regarding the pivot to remote learning on January 4.

For weeks now, ETT has been providing the Board with suggestions and demands to help ensure teachers are prepared for the start of remote learning on January 4. Earlier this week, the Board communicated to ETT that it was committed to this plan.

I received word on January 2, following a last minute change on January 1, that this agreement was no longer in effect and that the TDSB would send a revised message to teachers immediately without further input from ETT.

At the eleventh hour, and with staggering disdain for ETT members, the plan that we believed had been forged with the TDSB regarding remote teaching has been terminated along with any remaining shred of trust in what had been a mutually respectful relationship.

This latest stunt by the TDSB is deeply disappointing and is yet another reminder of the blatant disregard for all ETT members, who, as professionals, have gone above and beyond to support students and families during the last several months.

The TDSB needs to understand that the success of the coming months depends on our members’ continued patience and goodwill, of which there is little left.

This is an inauspicious start to the new year, but rest assured that we will continue to fight for appropriate, timely communication from the Board, as well as respect and care for you and your mental health and well-being.

Jennifer Brown
ETT President

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