Memo: Missed Preparation Time

At this time of year, many ETT members are being asked to cover for colleagues during their preparation time because of a large number of unfilled absences.

Members are reminded of their rights as per L – D.15.5 in the Collective Agreement:

L – D.15.5 Preparation time may be rescheduled in the case of emergency or when a Teacher is required to fill in for another Teacher whose absence was not foreseen by the principal. In such cases, the Teacher shall be entitled to have such time made up within 15 school days.

Missed preparation time shall only be rescheduled where a Teacher is required by the principal to provide instruction during his or her scheduled preparation time for a Teacher absent from work. Such rescheduling of missed preparation time shall occur as soon as administratively feasible, but no later than 15 days after the loss of preparation time and in any event within the same school year.

Members should track missed prep time and request that it be paid back within 15 school days. If members are not receiving prep payback within 15 days, you are advised to contact your ETT Executive Officer so that appropriate action can be taken to enforce the above provisions in the Collective Agreement.

Jamie Thom
Grievance Coordinator


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Prep Time


Prep Time Memo - June 20 2017 (PDF)