Know Your Rights: Teacher Exchange Transfer (TET)

In the last round of local Collective Bargaining, we won gains in the Teacher Exchange Transfer (TET) process.

The TET allows you to post the assignment you’ve been given for the following school year on the ETT website, search positions posted by other teachers, and arrange to swap assignments.

The period over which this process can occur has been expanded from a few weeks at the end of June, to two months, beginning on April 15. (Please note, the date of commencement in the Notes and Timelines from the TDSB is wrong and we have notified the Board of such).

Enforcement Ideas

This process is subject to your Principal and Superintendent approval.

When you are speaking with your ETT colleague with whom you want to swap assignments, discuss when and how you will each talk with your Principals.

Should you experience any difficulty with the approval process, contact your ETT Executive Officer immediately.

L – D.6.4. Teacher Exchange Transfer:

A teacher who is not school surplus may apply for a Teacher Exchange Transfer with a teacher in another school according to this process:

  1. The Teacher shall complete the Exchange Transfer Form (name, current position, school, desired position(s)
  2. All pertinent information will be posted to the ETT website during the Surplus and Transfer period (April 15 – June 15)

Teachers may make contact with other Teachers on the posted Teacher Exchange Transfer list to explore/arrange exchanges of positions during the transfer period. Subject to Principal/SOE approval.

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