Know Your Rights: School Staffing Committee

Our new Collective Agreement includes the following status quo and recently won language (highlighted in blue) on your Staffing Committee process.

This process should be open to all members, including Virtual School Teachers, through your bricks and mortar schools.

If you have any questions, please contact your ETT Executive Officer.

L- D.7.0. – School Staffing Committee

L – D.7.1.    The Board and the Union recognize the work of the School Staffing Committee as an integral part of the consultation process in organizing the school.

A School Staffing Committee shall be established in every school:

  1. The Teachers of each school shall elect at least three of their number to the School Staffing Committee in a meeting solely comprised of E.T.T. members.
  2. The principal and vice-principal(s) of the school and Union Steward shall also be members of the School Staffing Committee.
  3. The term of office of the Teacher representatives on the School Staffing Committee shall be November 1 to October 31. If any of the Teacher representatives resign from the committee or are transferred to another school, the Teachers of the school shall elect a replacement from their number.

(d) The Board shall utilize effective meeting practices when conducting School Staffing Committee meetings which shall include having an agenda, a speakers list and meeting minutes.

L – D.7.2.    The school staffing committee will concern itself only with:

  1.  developing and proposing a staffing model (which will meet the requirements of the Education Act, or regulations made thereunder), based on projected enrolment and staff allocation for consideration by the total staff;
  2. reviewing the current staffing model and proposing any modifications as may be required;
  3. considering and responding to such organizational proposals and/or suggestions as are submitted to the committee;
  4. length and number of instructional and non-instructional periods; and
  5. the equitable distribution of non-instructional periods including supervision, preparation time, and instructional periods.

L-D.7.2.1 The school staffing committee shall be provided with information on the projected enrolments, staff allocations and the master timetable as soon as available.

L – D.7.3.    Prior to a staff meeting, the School Staffing Committee will make available a copy of the proposed staffing model to each Teacher for the purpose of consultation and discussion before the principal finalizes the staffing model. At this time, rationale shall be given for organization, number and size of classes. Teachers will have an opportunity to indicate their preference for the staffing model.

L – D.7.4.    The final staffing model will be subject to the approval of the Director or designate.

L – D.7.5.    The Director or designate will endeavor to approve the staffing model prior to April 15.

L – D.7.6.    After the staffing model has been approved, the principal shall determine the specific classroom teaching duties of each Teacher in consultation with the Teacher. Included in the matters to be considered by the principal will be the preferences, abilities, qualifications and experience of each Teacher

L – D.7.6.1     The principal shall distribute the Teacher Assignment consultation form to each Teacher and post the approved staffing model in a central location.

The recommended staffing model will be shared with staff prior to submission to  SO for approval.

L – D.7.6.2   Teachers are provided their tentative teaching assignment in writing 24 hours’ prior to TRT deadline.

L – D.7.6.3     Once a Teacher has been notified of their assignment, it cannot be altered by the Principal without first consulting with the Teacher.

L – D.7.6.4     During the staffing process, the Principal will consider requests on teachers’ preference forms for vacant positions that arise.

L – D.7.6.5     The Board will provide a tentative Teachers’ timetables, including  preparation schedules for the upcoming school year before the last day of the school year in June.

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