Indigenous and Workers of Colour (IWOC) Conference 2022

This year’s virtual program is going to be action-packed, with inspiring speakers, skills-based workshops, and opportunities for diverse workers  to connect with other union members across all sectors of the economy.

Since its inception, Indigenous and Workers of Colour (IWOC) Conference has been a hit with racialized workers who have found a space created just for them. We are pleased to welcome back familiar and new faces year after year. The community we build enhances cross-sector and cross-cultural solidarity and builds up individual participants as strong, contributing members of our movement.

The time for only talking about injustice is past. Now, we are building power to make change a reality – and we’re doing it on our own terms. That’s why this year’s theme is “The Racialized Majority: Know our worth, normalize our power, and take what’s ours.

Attendees will participate in one of five workshops geared toward personal growth, skills development, and especially, taking action. Each of the five workshops is led by experienced facilitators who have personal and professional appreciation for the strength that comes from knowing our worth, normalizing our power, and taking what’s ours.

The 2022 workshops are:

  • Owning Our Music
  • Protecting Our Land
  • Building Our Power
  • Growing Our Community
  • Telling Our Stories

Saturday, June 18, 2022 9:15 a.m.–1:15 p.m.

WHERE: Via Zoom

ETT will pay the registration fee for ETT members

NOTE when registering:

  • If a secondary email has not been added to your MemberHub profile, registration information will be sent to your new email accessible through “My member mail” in your MemberHub.
  • Make sure to update your MemberHub member profile with any required accommodations and/or dietary restrictions.


Registration is now closed.


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