Important Virtual Assignment Update

The Board has provided ETT with an update regarding virtual assignments on a number of topics, including:

Holding the TDSB to Account

It is unacceptable that ETT members have been the last to know or find out about their working conditions from parents or through the news. ETT will continue to demand that the Board better communicate with members and at appropriate times.
ETT is also taking action to demand that the TDSB provide the necessary equipment, information, and training for teachers to do their job as professionals.
We have notified the Board that there will be a policy grievance for every clause of the Collective Agreement that has been breached and we will continue to hold them to account each and every time they breach our agreement.
ETT will continue to advocate with you, and for you!

Virtual Assignment Situations/Accommodations

Please email your home school principal, virtual principal, and ETT Executive Officer if you have a situation with your virtual assignment that needs to be addressed.
For accommodations, please include your Disability Case Administration in your email.

Virtual Assignment Update

September 22 Virtual Assignment Start Date
The TDSB has notified ETT that September 22, 2020 remains the start date for approximately 60% of virtually assigned teachers.
Members that have not received the necessary information/resources from the Board, are advised to do what they can and use asynchronous learning materials for the majority of the next few days. Members may also use this time to connect with families and get to know the students.
What To Do If You Have Not Received a Virtual Assignment
As of September 22, 2020, approximately 40% of teachers with virtual school assignments have yet to receive their assignment or class list.
Teachers that have not received a class list or assignment will continue to be paid.
OSR and IEP Information
The Board has addressed how to access IEP and OSR information and will update its Operational Guidelines to indicate the process.
Please note that a student’s home school administrator will be the local contact for IEP and OSR information.
Code of Conduct Policy
The Board’s Code of Conduct policy applies to virtual schools. ETT members with virtual assignments are encouraged to review the section in the code regarding online conduct for virtual students
Kindergarten to Grade 3: Instructional Day Length
Teachers with Kindergarten to Grade 3 virtual assignments will teach 225 minutes per day.
The balance of the day is for students to do homework or catch-up. No supervision is required by the teacher during this time.
ETT has informed the TDSB that it disagrees with this plan.
Reorganization Mid-October
The TDSB has indicated that there will be another significant virtual assignment reorganization in mid-October, to account for the continued daily requests of families and teachers to go digital.
The Board has communicated to ETT that it recognizes that this is not a perfect system and that there are many areas that need to be addressed.

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