Group Grievance Win – Inclement Weather Schedues

On March 9, 2020, ETT filed a group grievance against the TDSB for requiring ETT members, during inclement weather, to perform assigned supervision duties in excess of the 80-minute cap prescribed in L – D.17.2 of the Collective Agreement.

ETT is pleased to announce that we have reached a settlement with the TDSB that reaffirms the clear and plain language in L – D.17.2 of the Collective Agreement that prohibits any assigned supervision duties in excess of 80 minutes.

The Minutes of Settlement attached to this memo send a strong message to ALL Principals in the TDSB that inclement weather, and the indoor recesses and lunches that this sometimes necessitates, cannot be used as a pretext to violate teachers’ collective agreement rights in relation to assigned supervision. ALL assigned supervision duties must be communicated on the supervision schedule.

If staff are required to attend an alternative supervision location during inclement weather (e.g., remaining in the classroom with students during recess), this must be clearly communicated on the supervision schedule as a “Plan B”, and must not result in teachers performing aggregate weekly supervision duties in excess of 80 minutes.

Inclement weather is not an emergency and is entirely predictable. As the end of the year approaches and such weather becomes a likelihood, we’re asking all stewards to communicate with school administration to ensure that inclement weather arrangements are clearly communicated to all ETT members at your worksite in writing on the assigned supervision schedule. Such arrangements should be made in consultation with the School Staffing Committee and must not violate the 80-minute maxima of supervision minutes as required by L – D.17.2 of the Collective Agreement.

To assist you in having this conversation, please reach out to your Executive Officer should you require support.

The Minutes of Settlement are attached for your reference. This document should he shared with colleagues and may be shared with management.

If any problem related to supervision continues to exist, please contact your ETT Executive Officer immediately.

In solidarity,
Jamie Thom

Download the PDF here.

Read the Minutes of Settlement and Release here.


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