Grievance: We Need Your Evidence to Hold the TDSB to Account

November 5, 2020

Grievance: We Need Your Evidence to Hold the TDSB to Account

As you may be aware, ETT is filing an omnibus grievance regarding the TDSB’s failure in its implementation of Virtual School and COVID-19 and return to school policies to comply with the:

  • Collective Agreement;
  • sections of the Education Act and its regulations; and
  • the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC).

Specifically, in managing operations during school reopening, the TDSB has failed to:

  • place teachers into assignments for which they hold OCT qualifications;
  • provide preparation time coverage for teachers in the primary division;
  • hire teachers to fill teaching positions in accordance with the Education Act;
  • adequately provide training for teacher’s working in a virtual environment;
  • respect teachers’ professional judgement as it relates to curriculum delivery;
  • properly apply Collective Agreement provisions related to sick leave and miscellaneous (quarantine) leave;
  • assign a Designated Early Childhood Educator to kindergarten classes in excess of 15 students;
  • provide teachers with detailed teaching assignments, class lists and schedules, including, but not limited to, preparation time and recess/nutrition breaks;
  • adhere to requirements under the OHRC by requiring teachers to perform duties such as contacting parents, checking emails, attending professional development, and reviewing documentation during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur;
  • adhere to defined and delineated bargaining unit work, requiring teachers to track and monitor student attendance, communicate with parents regarding patterns of absence, and perform other attendance-related duties typically performed by clerical staff;
  • organize class sizes in accordance with Ontario Regulation 132/12; and
  • assign centrally assigned teachers in a manner consistent with other teachers.

To support this grievance, hold the Board to account, and improve the situation in virtual and face-to-face schools, we need as much information and evidence from our members as possible.

As part of our information gathering process, we are asking that each and every ETT member complete the following form to the best of their ability.

Members will have the opportunity to upload and attach evidence as part of the form completion process.

Access the Grievance Information Form




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