Grievance Advisory—Deferred Salary Leaves

Members are reminded that the Board’s failure to adhere to benefit cost sharing provisions in the Collective Agreement is currently the subject of a policy grievance that is proceeding to arbitration this year.

ETT members who applied for a deferred salary leave and have begun the leave year as of September 1, 2022 (this year) should be aware that the cost of your ELHT benefit premiums (eg your heath and dental) is 100 per cent employee paid.

As a result, members are advised to retain copies of all receipts for expenses incurred as a result of the Board’s failure to pay 100 per cent of the employer’s share of benefit premiums if you choose not to continue in the ELHT plan.

Additionally, members who choose to remain in the ELHT benefit plan at their own cost should retain all receipts for benefit premiums that are paid to the ETFO ELHT.

Should we receive a favourable arbitration decision, such documentation will be critical to calculate an appropriate remedy for members who are impacted by this Collective Agreement violation.

Finally, If you need choose not to pay for your own ETFO ELHT benefits premiums, please be advised that when you apply to be reinstated, you will be subject to the pre-existing condition clause. Please discuss with your ETT Executive Officer.


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