ETT statement on the Buffalo mass shooting and the concern of rising extreme white supremacist groups—May 17, 2022

ETT was horrified by the news of this weekend’s devastating shooting in Buffalo, New York, where 10 people lost their lives to racially motivated violent extremism. Our thoughts and condolences go to the family, friends, community, and all those impacted by another terrifying act of anti-Black racism driven violence.

The predominantly Black neighbourhood where the shooting occurred, was chosen specifically by the white suspect because of its demographics and resulted in most of the victims being Black. This act amplifies the disturbing increase of anti-Black racism in the United States and Canada and represents the worst form of racist violence.

ETT stands in solidarity with the Black community during this tragic time as we recognize the trauma and pain this has caused not only in New York but around the world. The rise of racism and the growing numbers in extreme white supremacist groups is terrifying. The lack of action by the government to end opportunities for these violent actions to occur, allowing these racially driven groups to exist and have a voice, is what is strengthening their power to do harm to our communities, cities and country.

The acts we have witnessed at recent protests in Canada lead by white nationalism and anti-Black racism that included individuals flying Confederate flags, Canadian flags covered in Nazi symbolism and demonstrations of appropriating First Nations drumming, is extremely worrying and if it is not stopped by all levels of government, we fear that the same type of tragedy from this weekend, is a real possibility of happening here in Canada.

ETT knows that we need to fight these growing levels of anti-Black hate and violence. And we must fight to dismantle racism and white supremacy by working together with the governments, communities and individuals.

We ask that all ETT members make it a top priority to speak out against all forms of racism and oppression and work towards putting an end to racial and ethnic disparities once and for all.

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