ETT President Writes To TDSB Director to Request the TDSB Not Reopen Before January 12

Today, ETT President Jennifer Brown has written to TDSB Director Colleen Russell-Rawlings to request that the TDSB remain closed and not reopen sooner than January 12th to improve the health and safety protocols and systems within the schools. This is due to the following reasons:

  • To help minimize a potential surge following holiday gatherings;
  • To ensure that all staff and students receive N95 masks in advance of student arrival;
  • To establish better lunchtime protocols for staff and students, given the high transmission rate of Omicron;
  • To establish a concrete plan shared in advance with the staff about how to deal with unfilled absences;
  • To ensure that HEPA filters are distributed throughout the school in all public spaces;
  • To procure enough PCR tests for all staff and students;

A delayed return to school also gives more time for the TDSB to comply with the OHSA 25(2)(h), “take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker.” To this extent, the TDSB should also consider using the board properties to set up drive-through vaccination clinics for any staff requesting a booster.

Click below to read the full letter now.

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