ETT Policy Grievance—Preparation Time

It has come to our attention that cancelled preparation time is not being paid back to our members within the required 15-day timeline stipulated in the Collective Agreement.

As a result, ETT is filing a policy grievance against the TDSB for violation of  L–D.15.0—Preparation Time. All impacted members are asked to complete a survey (link below) to provide ETT with the data we require to successfully grieve this Collective Agreement violation.

In addition, members are asked to maintain personal records of missed preparation time that has not been paid back pursuant to L–D.15.0. To assist you, we are providing a template that you can use for this purpose. Completion of this template will allow you to provide us with an accurate record as this policy grievance moves through the grievance-arbitration process.

I appreciate your cooperation in providing the data that is critical to the success of this grievance.

In solidarity,

Jamie Thom
Vice President & Grievance Coordinator

Access the survey and download related attachments.


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