ETT Petition: The Voice of Teachers is Essential for a Safe Return to Schools

To ensure a safe return to schools this September, ETT is proposing the creation of a joint workgroup with:

  • Toronto Public Health;
  • the TDSB; and
  • teachers on the ground and the union.

The voice of educators is essential in any design for a safe and healthy return to schools and classrooms. In fact, we believe teachers are the ones who know most intimately what a safe return should look like.
We know our students. We know them academically, socially, and developmentally. We know our buildings, our hallways, the classrooms, and the schoolyard. We know each desk, shelf, and surface. We know every stairwell and railing. We know the range of exchanges and the unique chemistry of the group we teach and what is required for their health and safety on a daily basis when they are under our care at school.
Please sign and share this petition.
Help ensure that teachers are part of the conversation as we work towards the safe and healthy return that parents, students, and educators expect this fall.
Read the Letter From ETT President Joy Lachica to Dr. Eileen de Villa [PDF]

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