ETT Members Demand Rapid Antigen Tests For All Teachers

ETT Members Demand Rapid Antigen Tests For All Teachers

As we enter the winter break and grapple with an alarming surge in Covid Cases, ETT is calling upon all of our members to demand that the Ford Government and the TDSB provide all teachers with rapid antigen tests to ensure a safe return to school in January for educators, students and their families.

Make your voice heard by signing the letter below and sharing your concerns with the Ford Government, TDSB Director and Chair of the TDSB

Letter Content (Sending the email addresses soon)

Premier Doug Ford
Minister of Education Stephen Lecce
Minister of Health, Christine Elliott
Director, TDSB, Colleen Russell-Rawlins
Chair, TDSB Alexander Brown

Safe School Board Staff and Communities = Safe, Open Schools
Provide Free, Accessible Tests for All

The move to provide all students in public schools with rapid antigen tests over the holidays is a positive step. But the Ford Government has so far refused to provide rapid antigen tests to the staff in these same schools, as well as to the families of our students, and to our broader communities. This is clearly about lack of will, not about lack of supply. The Ford government has been sitting on millions of rapid antigen tests supplied by the federal government for months, while other provinces are handing these tests out freely. With the new variant of concern moving rapidly through our communities, one of the easiest methods to protect our students, public school board staff, and our communities, and to keep our schools open, is to provide rapid antigen tests to all. The Ford government’s with holding of these tests to date has made all of us less safe. Therefore, I call on the Ford government to immediately provide free, accessible, rapid antigen tests to all students, all public school board staff, as well as to our communities on an ongoing basis.

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