ETT Endorses Migrant and Worker Justice Demands: Coronavirus Response Must Leave No One Behind

As we face a global pandemic that disproportionately impacts our most vulnerable and marginalized, ETT has taken action by endorsing the Migrant Worker Network’s demand that COVID-19 leave no one behind, by ensuring:

  • Health care for all.
  • Worker protections.
  • A stop to detentions and deportations, ensuring status for all.
  • Community supports for marginal communities, such as food banks and emergency shelters.
  • A voice for migrant and community organizations in planning and implementation.

ETT is recommending that ETFO also endorse the Migrant and Worker Justice Demands.
See the list of demands on the Migrant Rights Network website.
Deena Ladd, Executive director of the Workers’ Action Centre, talks to CBC Radio about why the ‘invisible workers’ cleaning up COVID-19 need better labour protection.

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