ETT Campaign Plan

The Elementary Teachers of Toronto Executive brings the following Campaign Plan that outlines the steps it will take in the coming months to make Doug Ford a one-term Premier.

For this to be a success, we ALL need to do our part. The last four years have been tough on all of us.

We have seen our wages frozen at 1 per cent despite runaway inflation.

We have seen massive funding cuts, upwards of $1.5 billion to public education, resulting in more cuts to special education, more cuts to resources, technology, and increases in class size. Let’s not forget about the stress and affect on our mental health and well-being, crushing workload and constantly having to react to the whims of the government. This Conservative government has been very clear about its disdain for teachers and public education, further evidenced by its failure to deal with COVID-19 in schools effectively.

We need ALL of you to find the strength to dig just a little deeper, or the next four years could be even worse if Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservatives get re-elected.

We have the power to stop him. Join us in electing a government that actually cares about you, your family and public education. Please volunteer some of your time and an investment into your future.

Together we can make a difference.

Get involved (2022 Provincial Elections Volunteer Sign Up survey)

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